Human Hair Wigs – Source And Use

Human haired wigs, for the most part, are composed of hair from Asia and Eastern Europe. For the wigs that are sourced from Europe, their source is most likely from the eastern part of the continent.

If the wigs are to be sold to a Caucasian audience, the European hair has the added benefit of not having to be treated. Since the hair doesn't have to be chemically treated, it remains strong and can last much longer. You can also purchase European men’s hair toupee online by navigating at

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The preference for wigs is almost always for the human haired wigs. Like a normal head of hair, human haired wigs can be styled, cut, and treated giving it far more flexibility than a synthetic wig. Regardless of whether they are synthetic or human hair

Wigs are used to improve the wearer's feeling of attractiveness. Some women use wigs as a quick and simple way to change their look. Many wear wigs to make them extra attractive for a special event. Actresses use them for roles that demand a radically different look than their own.

Unfortunately, many women experience hair loss, especially with advanced age, and want the comfort they are used to getting from a full head of hair. Chemotherapy and similar medical treatments result in drastic hair loss and many patients experiencing such an event wear wigs.