Supplies You Need For Using Three-Ring Binders

The three-ring binder offers a convenient way to organize and store your main documents. Here are several things that you will need when using three-ring binders. Check them out!

The binder itself

Of course, to use a three-ring loose-leaf folder, you will need their choice. This inventory is available in circular and D-ring varieties and they can only hold a few sheets or hundreds.

Three-hole punch

Next, you will need a three-hole punch and there is plenty to choose from. They make good punches to punch a small number of sheets. And they also make heavy-duty devices which have a 40-sheet boxing capacity.

Index tab

The index tab is very important if you want your work to stay well organized. With this tab, you can organize your papers by date, subject matter, and more. GBC creates customizable tabs in packages 5 or 8, so make sure to take some so you can arrange your documents as you wish.

Reinforcement label

If there are disadvantages to using this type of binding method, it can be very easy to rip your pages accidentally. You can fix this problem with a reinforcement label which is a small adhesive ring that fixes your paper so that it can be placed back in the book.