The Benefits Of Using Aisle Marking Tape

Walk down any large warehouse or factory floor, and you will notice that there are some clearly defined lines on the floor. These lines are sometimes reflective (a bit like the ones that mark freeway lanes), but they are often bright and available in a wide range of different colors. You can also check this site to get more information about it.

But should you be using aisle marking tape? Here is a list of just some of the benefits of using it for your business or organization. 

It organizes work areas

All types and sizes of businesses and organizations have different work areas contained within their premises. Sometimes these work areas might be in different rooms, but other times everyone might need to share the same floor space.

Aisle marking tape helps to separate different work areas, and even in cases where different work functions are divided by different rooms within the building, the work areas within them can be clearly marked out so that all tools, materials, equipment and other miscellaneous items have their properly designated areas.

For production lines within factories, for example, aisle marking tape can also help to divide areas for the production of different products, or even for areas where certain types of the item need to be stored for later use.


It helps to promote safety


Factories, in particular, need to adhere to all local and national-level safety laws. Because aisle marking tape helps to organize the different work areas, it helps workers comply with and promote safety on the factory floor by keeping all of the equipment and materials needed for their work within their designated zones.

For example, let’s say that there was no aisle marking tape to segregate all of the different work areas and show a clear path or ‘aisle’ for people to use.

If there were boxes in the middle of what would have been the aisle, and there was an emergency that meant all workers had to quickly evacuate the factory, their escape efforts will be somewhat hampered by the fact that their path was partially or totally blocked!

This could potentially put their lives in danger, and you as the owner of the factory will be held accountable for this.

It makes life easier for workers

Following on from the subject of organization, differently-colored tapes can make life easier for your warehouse and factory workers. For example:

  • Yellow denotes cautions, and is used purely for marking aisles and sections of work areas;
  • White areas are for equipment and materials that are used on a daily basis, and don’t pose a particular threat to anyone’s safety;
  • Red is used to mark areas of significant danger, such as hazardous materials and equipment;
  • Orange is similar to red (in meaning), except this color denotes caution rather than danger;
  • Green denotes the presence of safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, eye wash stations, and medical supplies;
  • Blue is used for marking areas where equipment is faulty and in need of repair. Any equipment surrounded by blue marking tape is not to be used by anyone.