Things to Keep In Mind While Screen Printing

Once the emulsion has dried on the screen, place the screen onto the fabric dark/black, and then put the stencil into the frame and the glass on top of the stencil on the screen.

What you will want to do now is to expose only one side of the screen to the light source 250-watt bulb your photo, which will allow the emulsion dry in about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Once the emulsion has been successfully dry, remove the glass/stencil and emulsion rinse using your water source. If you are looking for screen printing in Colorado Springs online then you can hop over to this website

Once you have allowed the screen to dry, you're good to start using it to print. It is highly recommended to use a printing press that you can build yourself if you are more DIY tilt, or you can purchase a pressing one for cheap in the local art stores.

Secure the screen to the press, or if you do not use the press and put a screen to any media that you want to print. Pour a good amount of ink onto the screen, and use your squeegee to evenly distribute ink across the screen while applying a good amount of pressure.

At first, you will see the spots were missed and you will need to reapply more ink, but do not worry – practice makes perfect in the game screen and you will eventually find a good way to apply the ink.

When finished, remove the screen and you're all done. Custom clothing you do. Depending on the type of ink used, you may have to wait a little while before the ink dries. Placing new shirts printed on a flat countertop where no one or nothing will hit them and allow them to dry.

When you are finished with all your printing, you can wash out the screen/frame and repeat the steps to reuse them as often as you want.