How Saber Milk benefits your farm

Saber Milk sensor analysis is a simple and powerful way to gather production information that is right for each cow. You can:

  • Identify your real performance with accurate, direct information
  • Use strong reporting to quickly identify potential problems and your low producers
  • Optimize the efficiency of your feed by feeding your main producers more
  • Increase production and profitability
  • It is easy to detect glass that has not been cleaned properly and receive a warning about the alleged blocking of letters and lines at the end of the washing cycle
  • Remove blocked air inlet with real-time audio and on-screen warnings.

How it works

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Herring bones

automated milk sensor detects the yield and milk levels as milk flows through it

The results of any sensors and warnings can be seen on your smart device (or optional Touch Screen)

The OWL flash system will warn you of guarantees that the problem cows are located

With Saber ID, milk yields are automatically matched to animals, without ID, milk yields can be manually set using your smart device

Review cattle history and herd level reports to make real-time decisions about your herd

Farming near Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny, Sean Gibbons milks a herd of Holstein Friesian cows under a spring calving system.

The grazing platform stretches across 110ha of land and there is two full-time labour units working alongside Sean on the farm.

Given the scale of the operation, a 30-unit DeLaval milking parlour is tasked with milking each morning and evening.

Over recent years, the number of cows on the farm has increased from 180 to 330 and – while Sean is now at full capacity – this year, the average cow in the herd will produce 6,500L and 500kg of milk solids.

Similar to Brian, Sean switched from a different drafting system.