Choosing The Right Underbar Ice Bin

 When looking to make work easier at your bar, one of the aspects you may have to consider is bin. This equipment allows you to store ready cubes which you can use when serving the drinks. Consequently, you can save on time and space. However, you will need to identify the right underbar ice bin that will serve your needs effectively.

One of the things to consider is the type of installation. This item is available as freestanding equipment or as a drop-in. The decision of the configuration will depend on the convenience one desires. A drop-in one rests on an available countertop allowing for easy refilling of glasses. A freestanding one be placed under the bar allowing for convenient access.

Another thing to consider is the accessories that come with the item. While it could be simple equipment, some of them are designed with special features to enhance their benefits. For example, some are made with a holder for plastic bottles. This adds to the convenience since you will keep bottles of mixed drinks in it and reduce the trips to the external holder or the refrigerator. Such a provision will come in handy for a busy venue.

Additionally, you may need to consider its capacity. Underbars are available in different capacities identified in pounds. The choice of a bin capacity will depend on the volumes required for your establishment. Compact units are usually available for establishments that require low volumes while there are high-capacity models for those businesses requiring medium to high volumes of ice storage to meet their drinks capacity.

Similarly, you must ensure you get an ice bar that protects your establishment from damage. Ice can fall from the bins to the floor. This results in a damaged floor. To prevent this, you will need to identify an ice bin that comes with a backsplash. A backsplash is important in preventing ice from falling from the unit to the floor. This will ensure that you can use your facility for long without incurring more costs of maintenance.

The size of your budget is another factor you must put into consideration. You will need to search for an ice bin that is within your budget and can meet most of your needs. These items are priced differently, which could depend on the target market of the brand or the features that come with the equipment. However, you must be careful not to compromise quality while trying to look for something cheaper.

You will need to consider the type of ice bar bin you require. There is the beer boxes bin which comes with insulated cavities for storing beer cans for easy access. There are also options with cold plates which are freestanding and allow you to run lines through the cold plates for chilling before dispensing. Similarly, there are drop-in with cold plates and those without cold plates.

Choosing will depend on the needs of the buyer, and majorly on the budget. It is not possible to spend what you do not have. Shopping around can help determine the most affordable seller. Nevertheless, this is a piece of equipment that one cannot regret spending on since it brings convenience in the facility by saving on time and space.